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One Week in Guadalajara

Work from GDL

Meet us in GDL! Mexico's Tech Hub

Guadalajara was chosen by the Federal Government to be the new Digital Creative City and gave the city significant funds to invest in building the infrastructure to host new IT Companies. The city has now become the core of Mexico’s IT software industry.

Now that same ecosystem has begun to see the birth of many local medium-size companies, start-ups, development centers (in the likes of Silicon Valley success stories). This is why GDL is commonly referred to as Mexico's Silicon Valley. 

Regardless of all of this, GDL is still a true Mexican city where history and the energy of innovation walk hand in hand. 

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Image by Roman Lopez
Image by Roman Lopez
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What's Included


Access to a workspace

Curated experiences and recommendations

Lifetime access to discounted flights & hotels

Local Ground Transportation

Remote Workers Assemble

The majority of people will tell you they enjoy travel. But, there's a small percentage of us who crave travel. We need to be in a new place experiencing things we haven't experienced before. We are the travelers that aren't satisfied with going to an all-inclusive resort. We want to live like the locals wherever we go. Fortunately more people are able to fulfill their travel goals now that the global community of remote travelers has grown. Remote workers are taking full advantage of the freedom to travel while they work. All we need is WiFi right? 

Now you can join a like-minded community of travelers who work remotely and explore new places. One week at a time. 

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Definitely got the phrase, “une bière s'il vous plaît” down. So I’d survive..jpg
Your Host
Miguel Martinez

Founder of Catching Planes LLC, Miguel has worked remotely and traveled for over 6 years. He has visited GDL many times and it is one of his favorite places to work from. The food, the culture and the many hidden gems around the city are just some of the things that await you in GDL. 


Where you'll be working

Yes, the house will have WiFi, but sometimes productivity calls for a different environment. That's why your stay will include a free week-long, 24 hour access to Metta, a nearby co-working space that was recently voted as the number one co-working space of the year. You'll have access to:

  • High Speed Internet

  • Access to Networking Events

  • Access to all common areas

  • Unlimited Coffee and Tea

  • 24 Hour Access


Where you'll be staying in GDL

Don't worry about picking the perfect place to stay while visiting and working from Guadalajara because we've got that covered in this beautiful 10 bedroom/9 bath villa. Our place is located in a strategic and safe point in the city. Close to great restaurants, cafes, and bars, it is the perfect home base. 

Outside of work

Because what's the point of working from somewhere different if you don't experience it?

This city will surprise you. You'll have an opportunity to live like a true local. With an exclusive curated lists of the latest and trendiest places. You'll be able to experience the best in delicious cuisine, tasty drinks or perhaps you need new threads and need to hit up a vintage clothing store. Whatever you're into, you'll be able to find it in GDL. We always encourage you approach travel from a local's point of view, but the classical tourist options are still there and available as well. 

Upcoming Trips

Get ready to experience a week of productivity and unforgettable travel with people like you.

Our remote week is meant to give you a break from your day to day routine while allowing you to continue working. Check out our upcoming dates below. Join us!

Upcoming Dates

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