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Spain is Ready to Welcome US Travelers

It's been a long-long year of travel restrictions around the world. Often changing regulations are tough to keep up with. The good news is that there are signs of restrictions easing for different destinations. One of those destinations is Spain!

The Spanish prime minister announced June 7th as the date to start allowing vaccinated travelers from various countries (including the US and Canada) to enter the country with no restrictions or quarantine requirements.

Travelers will need to show proof of vaccination (so make sure you're keeping your vaccination card safe)

Spain is also working on a digital system to streamline the process of proving vaccination or negative test results. It is launching and testing within the EU and will likely extend to foreign travelers.

Before the pandemic, Spain was receiving about 80 million international visitors per year. With the travel and curfew restrictions, the country has taken a big hit financially. So, this is definitely welcome news by everyone.

Spanish government has a goal to have 70% of the adult population vaccinated by end of summer 2021.

If Spain is on your list, get ready to pack your bags.


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