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How to Pack Like a Nomad

I've been working remotely for years now and prior to the pandemic, I really took advantage of being able to work from anywhere by traveling a lot.

There's an amazing sense of freedom that comes with knowing you can go anywhere you want (as long as you have wifi) and still be able to communicate and get your work done. For me, a key part of feeling that freedom is packing lightly. After all, it's a lot easier to catch planes and transfer between buses, taxis, trains, boats, hotels and AirBnBs if you can carry everything on your back.

For me it's second nature now to pack only the essentials, but people are still surprised when they see I have all I need in one backpack.

In my opinion, how you pack determines the type of experience you're looking for.

We all know those people who get away for a weekend and bring two large suitcases worth of stuff. I call those the anchor vacationers. Because they arrive from the airport to their hotel/airbnb location and their items seem to explode everywhere and they are anchored down to that location. Usually a boring an all-inclusive resort, but don't get me started on that.

How do fit all you need in one backpack, Miguel?

The first thing you need to remember is that most places in the world have ways for you to wash your clothes. It could be at your AirBnb, or a local laundromat, or a hotel service. So, chances are, you can pack for about a week's worth of clothes and do laundry if you're staying longer than that

Here is what I typically pack:

  • 7 T-Shirts

  • 2 Button down shirts

  • 3 pairs of pants

  • 1 pair of shorts

  • 1 pair of Swim trunks

  • 1 pair of sneakers (often the ones I have on only, but sometimes dress or hiking shoes)

  • 1 pair of sandals

  • 6 pairs of socks

  • 10 pairs of underwear

  • Light jacket (often just carry with me separately)


  • Macbook pro

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max

  • AirPods

  • NuraPhone noice cancelling headphones (I love these)

  • Nikon camera, lens & microphone

  • GoPro

  • Chargers (laptop, headphones, cameras)


  • Persol Steve Mcqueen folding sunglasses (essential)

  • Toiletry bag (toothbrush, paste, etc)

  • Passport/visas

That's the extent of my possessions when I'm traveling. Just enough to have everything I need, but light enough to move freely and hassle-free.

This is how I travel to most places. Of course, sometimes your travels will take you somewhere where cold temperatures are a factor. For those instances, replace some shorts for thermal layers and bring a winter jacket. Although, I've been known to simply buy a jacket once I get there to avoid the hassle of bringing one.


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