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5 Cozy Airbnbs in GDL for Solo Travelers

Are you a fearless solo traveler? Or, do you want to be one? Traveling alone can be a bit scary, but definitely a rewarding experience.

The main thing I love about solo travel is the fact that you can move at your own pace. Traveling with with friends is great, but there is a lot of arranging and agreeing for activities. Even trying to decide on a place to eat can be a challenge with a group of travelers. Those are things that you don't worry about when traveling alone, you can come and go as you please. You are on YOUR schedule. You can go or not go to wherever you want. There's a sense of 'traveler-freedom' that comes with that.

Of course, if you're traveling alone, then you'll probably want to maximize your budget by staying in a smaller/cozy Airbnb since you won't have anyone to split the bill with.

Here's a list of ideal Airbnbs for solo travelers, Guadalajara edition.

1) Studio Lima in Colonia Americana for $38 a night.

2) Modern Flat in Chapultepec Zone for $52 a night.

3) Minimalist Loft in Chapalita Zone for $42 a night

4) Historic Loft in Art District for $40 a night.

5) King bed in Zona Centro for $25 a night.

Safe travels. Feel free to reach to me with any questions on Instagram @Catching.Planes


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