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Top 10 Cities to Travel and Work Remotely

catching planes - miguel standing and enjoying the view in athens
Standing in the cradle of civilization in Athens, Greece

Number one may surprise you! A new list released by Icelandair's wellness travel report gives us the top ten cities for remote workers to travel.

I've talked about a rise in bleisure travel which is a when people who travel for business will add on few extra days to spend a few personal days on location. But, there is another trend happening and perhaps an even more powerful one.

Remote workers are taking advantage of their freedom and traveling to new places and working from there. But, those destinations are often not the traditional tourist destinations you'd expect. Remote travelers are often skipping the big cities and popular tourist destinations for quieter, more relaxed and often less visited destinations.

The reason behind this could be that remote travelers are often looking for bargains on accommodations, or simply don't want to deal with the chaos of a huge metropolitan area. Whatever the reason, there's no denying that there is a trend among remote working travelers of visiting places that often go overlooked by tourist travelers.

There's no denying that there is a trend among remote working travelers of visiting places that often go overlooked by tourist travelers.

As a personal reminder to all remote travelers and really any traveler in general. Please don't be a harmful traveler. Remember that wherever you visit, you are there to experience a way of life that will likely be different from what you're used to. I bring this up because I've encountered many remote workers that expect everything to conform to them and their needs and they begin a journey of slowly converting small, quant towns into replicas of their own cities often creating friction and resentment with the local community. A traveler must travel with an open mind, ready to experience new things and move outside of their comfort zone.

With that said, here is the top ten list of top cities to travel and work remotely according to Icelandair. And, no it's not Cancun.

  1. Kansas City, USA

  2. Vienna, Austria

  3. Wellington, New Zealand

  4. Copenhagen, Denmark

  5. Edinburgh, United Kingdom

  6. Victoria, Canada

  7. Perth, Australia

  8. Frankfurt, Germany

  9. Brisbane, Australia

  10. Helsinki, Finland

Definitely a surprise pick at number one, but not too shocking. There has definitely been an uptick in US based remote workers leaving large cities like New York and San Francisco to visit and work from less chaotic cities.

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