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Five Great Bars to Visit in Argentina

The top 5 bars you should visit when traveling to Argentina to feel like a local

Argentina is a truly fantastic country to visit, with loads of incredible provinces and some of the best food you'll ever try. If you happen to be in its capital, Buenos Aires, here are some of the most popular bars you should visit to feel like a local.

What’s more, all of the following places have super cheap prices and delicious dishes. Stop by and experience Argentina like a local. You won’t be disappointed after your visit!

Doppelganger Table and Sign

1. Doppelgänger Bar

Doppelgänger is by far one of the best bars in Buenos Aires you have to visit during your stay. It is located in San Telmo, a picturesque and bohemian neighborhood stuck in time due to its traditional appearance and loads of history.

Doppel Bar features a cozy and pumped atmosphere filled with big tables and many delicious dishes to try and discover new flavors. This bar can be found at 500 Juan de Garay Ave. and Bolívar St.

@VerneClub Bartender

2. Verne Club

Verne Club is inspired by the works of Jules Verne, offering unique cocktails and dishes with the names of his books and characters. It's an extraordinary place to visit if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind bars in Buenos Aires.

The vibe here resembles a classic and vintage room in a wealthy house, it transports visitors to another world, but you'll feel comfortable and relaxed. Verne Club is located at 1475 Medrano Avenue in the neighborhood of Palermo.


3. Brukbar

Brukbar is located in Palermo Soho, a place similar to Greenwich Village and lends itself to a great hang with friends and provides customers with delicious food and tasty drinks. This place, along with the majority of other bars, stays open until 4 am on Thursdays to Saturdays, making it a great party spot at ridiculously cheap prices.

If you’re looking for a cozy place on the cheap with traditional Argentinian cuisine paired with unique drinks, Brukbar is your place. You can find this bar at 1801 Fray Justo Santa Maria de Oro St. in Palermo Soho.

4. Rock & Beer

If you're looking for a dive that's full of rock then check out Rock & Beer. It's is a traditional bar in Recoleta that has classic beer options as well as good bar food combos ready for you to enjoy.

Loads of pizzas to choose from are available at Rock & Beer, which can be found at 2110 General Las Heras Ave. in Recoleta.

Bar Ocho 7 Ocho

5. Bar 878

Bar 878 is located in Villa Crespo and a few years ago it was awarded the best bar in the country. It features a comfortable atmosphere with brick walls and high ceilings that provide a moody vibe, as well as the best drinks brought from the manufacturers themselves.

This bar allows people to bring their own bottles or glasses to contribute to the environment. What’s more, the place looks a bit hidden, so you’ll need to be motivated to find this hidden gem of Buenos Aires. Bar 878 can be found at 878 Thames St. in Villa Crespo.

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