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96 Hours of All You Can Dance and Drink?

Cruises suck ass. Yep, I said it. I just want my stance on cruises and cruise packages to be clear. But, with that out of the way, here is one that may not suck as much. It’s called Aventura Dance Cruise.

Aventura Dance Cruise or “ADC” as they are calling themselves is claiming to be the world’s largest Latin dance event at sea. Definitely a big claim, but with some of the artists promised to perform, they may be right.

This cruise event is being put on by the luxury cruise line: Royal Caribbean on their “Jewel of the Seas” ship. The cruise line said in a press release to “expect the unexpected”, which is something I honestly wouldn’t want to hear from a cruise I’m about to board.

If you go on this cruise, here’s what you’d get.

  • Free drinks all weekend.

  • Live concerts by El Gran Combo, Oscar De Leon, Luis Vargas, Alexis y Fido and more (those are some heavy hitters in the latin music industry)

  • All other amenities that come with a Royal Caribbean cruise like rock climbing, pool-side movies, and a casino.

  • A stop at Ocho Rios Jamaica which has lush tropical rainforests and beautiful beaches.

In other words, not bad for a cruise, if floating at sea with 2,500 other people is your thing I guess.

Honestly I’m not a cruise traveler, but this one doesn’t sound horrible. It’s 96 hours of all you can dance, and all you can drink fun.

If this is your thing, you can view more information and even book by going here:


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