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The 6 Trending Types of Travel

Sure there are many types of travelers out there. Some are happy to jump on a cruise and be done with it. (couldn't be me).

Travel itself remains the same, what changes are the travelers and what they're into. For example, visiting Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, you can easily spend a few days hiding at a hotel resort pool and going out to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. (couldn't be me either).

Luckily more and more people are opting to fully immerse themselves in a destination. I'm talking about cold Presidente beers from the corner bodega while the neighborhood drunk tells you why his neighborhood is the best. I'm talking about listening to live music on a Sunday evening at an old church ruin site where the entire city seems to be on the dance floor. I'm talking about homemade meals from the lady with the sign on her front door promoting delicious food. You get the idea.

Here's a breakdown of the latest trends in travel

Mindset Travel

Perhaps it's the state of the world these past few years, but people are opting to intentionally travel. That means that people are pulling the trigger on that "someday" travel destination and they are intentional about fully disconnecting. They are ignoring all work emails and even on occasion put their phones down to be present and in the moment.

Digging Roots Travel

With the uncertainty from the pandemic and a reminder of how fragile life can be, many travelers are in search of their roots. Genealogy and DNA data services have become more popular than ever. Travelers are booking trips to learn more about where they come from. This can also mean more trips to spiritual landmarks and religious sites.

To me, this digs a bit deeper into what I think travel can be really about. Self-discovery

Earth Friendly Travel

Travelers are aware of the impact and footprint they are leaving behind. Not just with nature, but with the local people. It is easier than ever to prioritize and stay at sustainable hotels and participate in collaborative travel destinations that encourage volunteer work. It's about being respectful to the planet and it's about being respectful and grateful to your local hosts.

Educational Family Travel

Parents with young kids want to expose their children to other cultures and educational points of view. They are doing so by fully immersing their entire family into a new culture and focusing on education-packed itineraries. Some are even staying long enough to register their children in a local school. I'm in full support of this. I think well-traveled children grow up to be more accepting, open, and positive contributors to the world.

The increase in this type of travel is possibly related to the rise of parents working fully remotely. When you have the freedom to work from anywhere, you will eventually ask yourself, "why not?".

Milestone Travel Planners

People who don't travel often are opting for celebrating life milestone events by traveling. These are usually big birthdays ending in 0 (30s, 40s, 50s, etc) or big anniversaries and reunions. These travelers plan their trips way in advance. Often everything is anticipated and all logistics down to dinner reservations are set leaving little to no room for spontaneity.

Slow Travel

Slow travel consists of staying in one place and then delving into local life. It's one of my favorite ways to travel and I strongly recommend travelers adopt slow travel when possible. Often travelers will pack too many places and activities into a weeklong trip. I've been guilty of this in my early travels. It's a result of being excited and not wanting to miss anything when visiting a place for the first time. If you're traveling with others, it may be hard to sell this type of travel. That's probably the reason why I slow travel usually when I solo travel.


Regardless of what type of travel you're embarking on. Remember to be safe and be respectful of the destinations and people you are visiting.

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