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Wait, Americans Can Still Travel To The Bahamas?

Caribbean Beach

Here are the most recent facts.

  • The Bahamas has modified their previous ban on Americans.

  • Upon arrival, Americans are expected to quarantine for 14 days at government facilities.

  • Expense to stay at facilities will come out of the tourist's own pocket.

  • All American travelers must take a Covid-19 test at the end of the 14 day mark.

The Bahamas relies heavily on tourism to power its economy. The original order was to restrict travel from all countries except Canada, the U.K. and countries in Europe. (U.S. travelers were actually still able to visit if they arrived on a private plane or private boat)

It was Attorney General Carl Bethel who released a statement with the official and sudden reversal of the order. When asked for the reason of the reversal, he was quoted:

"The provisions governing the admission of foreign visitors to The Bahamas were changed in order to create a uniform standard of treatment for all Visitors to The Bahamas during this pandemic emergency. The creation of a uniform framework means that there is no longer any need to create any list of countries from which The Bahamas would accept commercial flights; which list thereby excluded other countries.”

It's important to note that cases in the Bahamas have had a recent spike, although the attribution of that spike is unknown.

Would you risk it all and go to the Bahamas?


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