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Where can I find the cheapest flights?

Everyone is looking for the magic source of the cheapest flights. Many brands and mailing lists promise to give you the lowest cost on airfare. And, while certain dates go on sale, the truth is that airlines dictate what the market price for flights should be.

That's the same reason why you'll never see a huge difference in cost between a flight on Expedia and the cost for a flight on Booking dot com. But, before you lose all hope and throw your phone or laptop across the room, I bring you good news.

Airlines give approval for certain reward programs to offer discounts to members of their groups. For example, airlines may approve a below-market fare exclusive for Costco members only. The requirement from the airline is usually always the same, Costco (or whoever the approved discount group is) can market the discount to their members, but the prices cannot be published publicly. Also, the booking flow needs to be restricted behind a login page to prevent non-members from seeing below market prices.

Follow me so far? So, airlines pick and choose who can go below market price, but it comes with very strict rules and regulations to prevent the disruption of market value for all other travel bookers.

The greatest of all news! I have done the very, very hard work to be approved as a discount member group host. This means that I can give my members access to discounted flights as long as there is a subscription in place and members have a log in credential (username and a password). I also have to follow a few other strict rules, but you can let me worry about those.

What does this mean for me? If you want access to discounted flights, all you have to do is sign up for a $15 USD a year plan (YES only $15 per year) to get entire access to below market cost on flights to anywhere in the world.

Are the discounts real? Yes! Sign up and use the 3 day free period to compare prices for yourself. You'll see that the same flight on the same airline on the same day will be cheaper on my platform when compared to search results from google flights, Expedia, Hopper, Scott's Cheap Flights, etc.

Travel Hack! Sign up for a mailing list like scott's cheap flights, or the flight deal etc. to get alert for cheap flights. If you see a cheap flight you like, search that same flight for the same date on my platform and it will be cheaper.

Are you interested in trying this discount travel booking platform for yourself? Click here.

If you're not ready for that type of a commitment yet, make sure you're following me on Instagram so you can access cheap flights once you're ready.


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