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Spend a Week Working From GDL

Calling all remote workers! Time to start taking advantage of your work-from-anywhere freedom. This is an invitation for you to join me and a few other remote workers for a week of travel and working remotely from Guadalajara in January.

There's a revolution in how people travel. Taking a trip normally means taking days off and using up your accrued vacation hours. And, definitely use up and max out your paid time off (something I admittedly need to be better at). But, now you can travel in between your travels without losing productivity.

In fact, after years of doing this, I always feel more productive when working from a place that isn't my own house. I think it's due to being cognizant my work hours and being forced to draw a line between work and the time I get to explore a destination.

Going in to an office and hanging out with co-workers is more and more rare, but I people who work remotely have a unique opportunity to be able to pick their own co-workers, regardless of company or industry.

Imagine if your daily co-workers were also your very good friends? That's the vision of this idea. I want people to feel like they can be productive, make great friendships, and network with others.

Curious about joining us on this trip? Get more details. Click below

When working remotely, productivity is just as important as enjoying the destination. That's why anyone who comes along will get a free pass to a local co-working space that offers unlimited coffee and tea!

Have you been to Guadalajara? It is a unique mixture of traditional Mexican culture, but there's this wave of new startup and technology companies. It is quickly gaining a reputation for Mexico's tech hub. An environment that'll make anyone feel like they can change the world.

This is the first of its kind, but not the last. As such, we are keeping this first group of remote travelers to no more than 6. Come work remotely with us in January!

Curious about joining us on this trip? Get more details. Click below


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