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The Best Time to Book a Flight - 2022

One of the top 10 questions I get asked. "When is it the best time to book a flight so I get the lowest price?"

Not to worry. I've go you covered. Below, I break down some important information you can implement to save money on your upcoming travels. This information holds true for anyone using booking sites like Expedia to book airfare.

How far in advance should I book?

This is slightly different for domestic and international flights.

Domestic Flights: You can expect to see prices start to increase at about 21 days before the flight date. But, if you've ever tracked flight prices, you know that booking them too far in advance isn't always the answer. For the best prices on domestic flights, the sweet spot to book is between 25-38 days in advance.

International Flights: Not too different from domestic flights, international flights will start to increase at about 28 days before your travel date. But, unlike domestic flights, you will get the lowest prices on international flights if you book between 3 to 4 months in advance.

Note: You can use an app like Hopper to track a flight price and get a notification when it's likely at its lowest.

Does the day of the week I book my flight make a difference on the price?

If you've ever looked at the same flight over the course of a week, you might've noticed that the cost fluctuates a bit depending on the day of the week. So yes, the day of the week you book can make a difference on cost.

For both domestic flights and international flights, booking on a Sunday will give you the lowest price on airfare. Booking on Sunday, you can save about 5% on domestic flights and up to 10% on international flights. (This refers to the day you actually buy your ticket, not the day you're traveling)

Does the day of the week I travel make a difference in cost?

Yes, the day of the week you fly can affect your airfare cost.

Domestic Flights: The best day to start a domestic trip is on a Friday. This likely having to do with domestic business travel being higher on Mondays. This can save you up to 15%.

International Flights: The best day to start an international flight is on a Thursday. Starting a trip on this day can save you about 5%.

For both domestic and international flights, it will be cheaper if you start your travel later in the week (Wed-Sat). Most booking apps have built in calendar cost views. The best way to save on travel is to be flexible with your dates.

When is the best month to travel to get the lowest cost on airfare?

Domestic Flights: For domestic flights, the best month to travel for the lowest cost is January. This is likely due to the low demand for travel, especially when compared to late December or June.

International Flights: For international flights, the best month to travel for the lowest cost is August. Right at the end of summer vacation travel, August gives travelers the chance to still catch some good weather while saving up to 20% when compared to December travel.

I hope this information is helpful. Remember the ideal way to save is to plan in advance, track prices and be flexible.

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If you found this article helpful, be a hero and share it. The information source from this data comes from Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC)

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